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3 Day Workshop at Brookside Garden, Silver Spring, MD, June 14, 15 & 16

Exploring Traditional Pen & Ink Techniques with Crow Quill

Heeyoung Kim

While convenient mechanical pens or pigment liners are available, learn why master artists like Heeyoung Kim find magic and value in using the old style of crow quill pen and ink. Crow quill pens are valued for their ability to create the finest, hair-like lines and detail in addition to being an affordable material. This workshop will explore how to implement the best techniques for stippling and line drawing using crow quill pens. You’ll learn how to achieve various weights of line through pressure and speed and create new effects through volume. Students will be taught how to introduce sepia color to their artwork and work on Bristol board with clean finishes.  We’ll enjoy time in the gardens harvesting fresh plant materials to study. 

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