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Monday Workshop in 2019, from Janruary to December

For Intermediate/Advanced Level, Mondays, 10 am - 4 pm

This course is the stronghold of my program. Currently there are talented and dedicated botanical artists who have been studying for a few/several years with me or somewhere else. We use various media such as watercolor, graphite pencil, pen-and-ink, and colored pencil. Some focus on their own projects, and others try new topics.  We do sketchbooks, too.
Who can join? Anyone who have watercolor experiences or already finished certificate program, but want to pursue botanical art continuously.
Fee: $85 per session, at Brushwood Center, Registration: contact Heeyoung Kim via CONTACT
Space is limited. Contact me asap, when interested. 

art002-lady lawrences orchid- jpeg 180dpi for web crop.jpeg