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Monday Workshop in 2019, starting on Jan 7

Season’s Greeting: digitally generated with original art by ©Heeyoung Kim 2018

Season’s Greeting: digitally generated with original art by ©Heeyoung Kim 2018

For Intermediate/Advanced Level, Mondays, 10 am - 4 pm

This course is the stronghold of my program. Currently there are talented and dedicated botanical artists who have been studying for a few/several years with me or somewhere else. We use various media such as watercolor, graphite pencil, pen-and-ink, and colored pencil. Some focus on their own projects, and others try new topics.  We do sketchbooks, too.
Who can join? Anyone who have watercolor experiences or already finished certificate program, but want to pursue botanical art continuously.
Fee: $85 per session, at Brushwood Center, Registration: contact Heeyoung Kim via CONTACT
Space is limited. Contact me asap, when interested. 

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to Feb 5

New: Tuesday Watercolor: Intermediate Level, 2019, 9:30 am -12:30 pm

This is an ongoing class with students who started the beginning drawing class during 2018 and continue with watercolor. All current students have less than 6 months of watercolor experience.
Those who have some experiences with watercolor are welcome to join. This course is fully focused on learning various watercolor techniques that are esssential for detailed and highly controlled botanical watercolors. You don't need to be "botanical artists" to be in my program, because learning essential botanical watercolor techniques could be very useful to improve painting quality in general.
Fee: $240 for 5 weeks, $50 per session
Total 4 courses: Botanical Watercolor for Intermediate Level 1, 2, 3 & 4. (approximately January - June). Each course lasts 5 weeks

Intermediate Watercolor 1: Tuesdays, Jan 8 - Feb 5, 2019, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Brushwood Center

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New: Drawing Fundamentals 1: Botanical Drawing for Beginners 2019, Tuesdays, 1-4 pm

There has been ongoing inquiries for a botanical drawing class for "Total" beginners. :)
Yes, anyone can learn how to draw!
If you are the one who always wanted to draw/paint, but you didn't think you could. Now, it is the time to try! If you are lucky  :) to live in Chicago Metropolitan Area, contact me to see if starting to learn how to draw is a possibility to you in the new year. The very basics and a lot of tips about how to use drawing tools will be covered, along with essential botany information for botanial artists. So, there is no need to feel intimidated in my class.
Fee: $240 for 5 weeks, $50 per session
Total 4 courses: Drawing Fundamentals 1, 2, 3 & 4. (approximately January - June)
Each course lasts 5 weeks

Drawing Fundamentals 1: Tuesdays (Jan 8 - Feb 5, 2019, 1 - 4 pm, Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods). For registration, contact Heeyoung.

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to Dec 21

Saturday Open Workshop, 9 am - 1 pm

Are you working on your own projects and need some help? Or, do you like to learn, but have no time on weekdays? This half day open workshop at Brushwood Center will be a perfect option. Heeyoung assists each individual’s project in various media (graphite pencil, pen and ink, watercolor and/or colored pencil). $57 per session. For registration, contact Heeyoung.

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to Mar 10


Botanical drawing requires keen observation, precision, and attention to detail. Learn fresh ideas and tips from acclaimed wildflower painter Heeyoung Kim to take your drawing and pencil work featuring botanical subjects to the next level. All supplies included. Registration www.evanstonartcenter.org

rattlesnake master -crop-watermarked 220 dpi.jpeg
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to Jun 8

MASTER CLASS WITH HEEYOUNG KIM at Minnesota School of Botanical Art: Delicate Yet Rich Color in Botanical Watercolor JUNE 6, 7, 8, 2019

A delicate flower in rich color has its dark side: a nightmare for botanical artists. Too many layers of washes disturb the paper surface and edges become too heavy. As a solution for this issue, Heeyoung Kim likes to show how to make color application easy and quick through a well planned painting process. She will share essential watercolor painting techniques such as lifting, blending, cleaning edges, and 'super delicate' dry brush along with some tangible guides to achieve pleasing composition in botanical art. More information at www.minnesotaschoolofbotanicalart.com

Heeyoung Calla Lilies copy.jpeg
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4th Annual Enriching Life at Brushwood Center: Works by Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood Botanical Artists

Opening Reception: November 4, 1 pm - 3 pm, 2018, at Brushwood Cetner. This annual exhibition has become a celebration for art, nature and Brushwood mission as well as each artist's achievement. 78 artworks in watercolor, ink, and graphite by 25 artists will be displayed all over the beautifully renovated historical house built in 1942 as a summer house for Edward L. Ryerson family. Year by year the Brushwood annual botanical exhibit charms locals with the beauty of the ancient art form.   

invitation card- 4th annual page 2 (inside)-final-Heeyoung Kim-for online .jpeg
invitation card- 4th annual page 1 (cover) for online.jpeg
invitation card- 4th annual- program page for online.jpeg
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9:30 AM09:30

Visiting Artist: Botany for Artists by John Pestoriza Pinol (Sold Out)

 What do you need to know to create botanically informative and scientfilcally accurate drawings and paintings? in her botanical art program at Brushwood Center, Heeyoung Kim always emphasizes the scientific facts of plants and the necessity of adding them in botanical artworks. In this one day workshop with renowned Australian botanist/artist/instructor, JJP, students will have opportunity to learn an expert's perspective   through presentation and some hands on drawing. Registration through Heeyoung Kim

John Pestoriza Pinol, from Australia

John Pestoriza Pinol, from Australia

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to Oct 30

Tuesday Watercolor: Beginning Level 3

Beginning level botanical watercolor focusing on essential techniques. Every week new painting topic is introduced with demos by the instructor. The course will be continued toward the end of the year. Beginning Level 4 will be on Nov 6, 13, 20, 27 & Dec 4.

Classes are on Tuesday, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30. 10 am - 1 pm. $47 per session. For registration, contact Heeyoung Kim.

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to Sep 30

Painting Leaves in Botanical Watercolor (Sold Out)

Septemge 29 & 30, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm, 2018. A two days workshop with focus on techniques. Either for a beginner or those with some watercolor experices, this will be a good chance to improve painting skills, especially with gren leaves in botancials. For registration, contact Heeyoung. At the moment, the class is full, but contact me to be in the waiting list or for additional workshop in the future. 

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to Sep 24

Botanical Ink Illustration with Nib Pen (Sold Out)

Two Mondays: September 17 & 24, 2018. 10 am - 4 pm.  There is something magical in old style pen nib and a bottle of ink, while convenient michanical pens or pigment lingers are available. Heeyoung Kim uses crow quill pen nibs for her fine botanical illustrations, and she will teach how to use them in this two days workshop. $85 per session. For registraion, contact Heeyoung.  

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to Sep 25

Tuesday Watercolor for Beginners

This one year program is designed by Heeyoung Kim for beginners.  Studetns will start from  Drawing Fundamentals 1, 2, 3 & 4, and continue with Watercolor Botanical 1, 2 & 3. Each class is focused on techniques and demonstrations by the instructor, and each students can receive lots of one on one guidance during the class. After finishing the program students can move on to either a half day workshop on Saturdays or a full day workshops on Mondays to continue to pursue boanical art and illustration. $215 for a course of 5 weeks.  For registration, contact Heeyoung. 

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to Dec 17

Monday Open Workshop at Brushwood Center

Monday open workshops are designed and taught by Heeyoung Kim for those who finished courses for beginners and/or intermediate level with her, and continue to hone their painting skills with her personal assistance. Students are encouraged to choose and study their own specimens with long term goals. This class will continure in 2019.

Every year, Heeyoung and her students mount Annual exhibition at Brushwood Center, which has become tradition at the beautiful historical house at Ryerson Woods. $85 per session. For registration, congact Heeyoung. Brushwood Center: 21850 Riverwoods Rd, Riverwoods (Deerfield), iL 

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2:00 PM14:00

Sketch at Lurie Garden, Millenium Park (Sold Out)

Sketch or color summer flowers at urban oasis, Lurie Garden at Millenium Park. Lurie Garden is designed by renowned landscape designer, Piet Oudolf and it provides various programs sponsored by the city of Chicago. Heeyoung Kim is one of a few invited artists and Chicago citizens can enjoy outdoor sketch with her guidance. For registration, contact Heeyoung. 

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